MagicAPI is now A unified marketplace to buy and sell APIs.

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The Complete API Store Solution

Get an enterprise ready store with Dashboards made specifically for your Sales, Product and Tech teams.

For Developers

Free up your Developers from maintaining your API store and let them focus on what matters most to your users i.e. Your APIs.

For Product

Empower your Product team to create any kind of Product they can imagine. Manage & monitor User Experience or enhance your store via plugins.

For Sales

Integrate your API store with your CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce) or create private or restricted Products or Upsell Premium Features.

One-Stop Solution

Unmatched Customization

Customize your store with Themes, Plugins and integrate your current systems & tools

  • MagiAPI is fully customizable from how your store looks to how it works. Easily integrate any plugins, tool, external service or use webhooks in your API store.

Track Conversions

Embed your tracking Pixel or Integrate your analytics tracking using plugins.

Self-service Billing

Managed billing, invoicing and subscription management with taxes and currencies.

Integrate CRMs

Track users & send emails to your API Store subscribers directly from the CRM you currently use.

Embedded Support Centre

Allow your customers to create Support Tickets using embedded support centre.

Boost productivity

One platform to Integrate your Sales, Product and Tech teams

Keep everyone on the same page. Help your Sales, Product and Tech team to work together using one Platform instead of five different tools.

  • Increase productivity by at least 20% by aligning Tech, Sales & Product teams.

  • Free up your Sales & Product teams from depending on Tech team to create new Products. Liberate them to create any API Product they would want to sell. Reduce dev cycle from months to days.

How MagicAPI works?
Import your OpenAPI Spec

Connect all your API sources with MagicAPI by simply importing your OpenAPI spec using the Import Wizard.

Create any Product

Based on your business requirements create Products such as API Subscriptions, Pay per Use APIs, Restricted or private products. Learn more about Product Config here.

Monitor & Manage your store

Use Admin console to monitor your Subscribers. See analytics, logs, subscribed versions, product versions and much more.

Unlimited Product Variations

Don't limit your Product team by the capabilities of your API Store. Empower your Product teams, let them create any kind of Product they can dream of.

Sell any kind of API Product you can imagine.

Create unlimited Product variations and test on your API Store. Create API Product with subscription or a pay per use Product or create special discounted Products, or run discounts across your entire store.

  • Configure your Products the way you want. Or create private products visible to specific users only.

  • Change pricing, APIs or anything without breaking experience for your current customers. We manage Product Versions so you don't have to.

Enterprise ready API Store

Sales Ready from Day 1

83% of API revenue comes from B2B Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers need features like custom Pricing Plan, Single Sign On, SOC 2/3 compliance, enterprise grade security, log audit, advanced metrics etc.

Bill more, Build less.
  • Let your Sales team sell premium features that can be added with the click of a button such as Premium Support, SLAs, monitoring, incident reports and more.

  • Whitelabel and sell APIs from other Providers and get margins as high as 85% on API Sales. It takes 10 minutes to onboard a new API to MagicAPI.

Easy Integration

Plug your essential tools in few clicks

  • Enhance your API store with ready to use Plugins. Integrate any CRM, analytics, Sales, monitoring or any other tool.

  • Add SSO, log export, event stream, webhook and other features frequently requested by Enteprise clients with one click using Plugins.

  • Looking for a new functionality not available? Just send us a message and we will create it for you.

Premium Support 24/7

With Premium Support you get Assisted Store Setup. We setup each of your API store, we even do QA and test all APIs before launch. We monitor the platform and will notify you of any events or anomalies.